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Sequenced images from Guerilla Bay NSW South Coast,
Role in "Splashdown" video.
Notes from the Solstice Voyeur - an artist's book comprising xerox images transferred onto rag paper
Installation Kunstlerhaus Bethanian, Berlin, 1984.
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NB: The Eclipse and the Solstice works are closely related in mental and physical space.

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Guerilla Bay
NSW South Coast
beginning 1968




Gif animation of the 36 separate images.




The area around Guerilla Bay was an area the frequently visited as a teenager. Even in the 1950s it inspired thoughts that would later develop into a series of ongoing artworks.
One relates to the Tree Strip which developed both as a print and and integral element of the performance work "Systems Feedback".
Following the US space missions, images from Guerrilla Bay became the input for the 8 mm film "Splashdown" which I have since digitised.
At Guerrilla Bay, a high rocky outcrop provided a clear image of the ocean on one side and the land mass on the other. By taking sequential images a global composite could be made in the form of a montage. I had been particularly impressed by the works of the Dutch artist Jan Dibbets and this became a guiding template for my global montages at this point and into the future.
The work Eclipse developed as a series of 36 individual images starting from a pure black rectangle. Subsequent images developed by adding each individual section gradually building up to a full global image. To complete the notion of the eclipse additional 36 images were developed progressing from the full montage global back to the pure black rectangle.



Title: Tree Strip

Materials: photographic (transferred to etching)
Date: original images, 1968
Dimensions: variable


Further development of the montage technique.
Subsequent images used colour photo prints.










Kunstlerhaus Bethanian solo Exhibition, Kreuzberg, Berlin
March 1984


a slide show of 5 images
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Eclipse installation section of
60 sequential images
March 1984







Solstice Voyeur Book





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