Entrance of the gallery space where you will find computerised sculpture machines constructed between 1983 and 2015 (?).
Some of the machines were initially human powered, but at later stages were powererd by humanoids cast from the artist's younger body.
The notes below distinguish the pure machine sculptures from those initially human powered and when humanoids were introduced.
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sculptural  machines
sculpture machine type performances - exhibitions specific notes
Machine Sculptures initially human powered, but later powered by mechanical humanoids cast from the artist's more youthful body


Survival Boat for the 21st Century

Swanston St Melbourne January 1985

Perspecta 85: Irving Sculpture Gallery static exhibit and in performance at the St Leonards railway siding.



the Armoured Car

First appeared in performance in "the Battlefield" in the Assembly Hall of the Australian  Defence Force Academy (ADFA), Canberra 1990

Became the prime object in the performance work "Peace Car through Europe" 1990




the Helicopter (aka the Solstice Voyeur's Observatory)

Originally human powered in performance works:
the Battlefield Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra 1990 
Escape of the Solstice Voyeur Adelaide (Woop Woop)
Escape of thr Solstice Voyeur Wagga Wagga (Riverina Playhouse)
the Trilogy (The Performance Space) satellite event for Sydney Biennale 1994 (?)




the Rocking Chair

The large wheeled rocking chair used in the performance "Free Fall: Slow Motion" at The Performance Space, Sydney 1994
Brisbane for the work "Degrees of Freedom: Friction" (Volt, 1996).




the Humanoids

Collection of humanoids corraled in a cage for Brisbane; Degrees of Freedom: Moments of Inertia














the Sculptural Machines

Machina: Persona at Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney NSW 1991

Exhibited as a solo xhibition were the machines which existed that time namely;
the Survival Boat for the 21st Century,
2 Antipodean's Marking out the Territory,
the Armoured Car and
the Helicopter
in several spaces of the gallery. Also included was a group of photographs showing some of the human powered works in action as well as three from the Proposals series.

Clicking on the left hand thumbnail will take you through 20 images of the works in situ in the AGNSW. Treat these images as a slide show where you can move backwards and forwards at your own pace. The last image, by clicking on the right-hand side, will return you back to this section of the Gallery.

the Interactive and Motorised Sculptures,


2 Antipodeans Marking out their Territory

For more details visit the 2 Antipodeans gallery wing here
First exhibited in the exhibition Machina: Persona at the AGNSW 1991
Exhibited at Lempriere Sculpture Exhibition 2004


the Robotic Cyclist

the Artist Trapped in Artaud'a Cage

Fourth; "the Artist Trapped in Artaud's Cage", 2002 to 2007,




the Solo Boatman

Second; "the Boatman's Unscheduled Crossing" (2002 -2008),




the 3 Man Boat

Third; "Surface Tension", 2004, 3 man boat



the Ladder from the Circus work:

Step Right Up touring exhibition organised from Albury Art Gallery
Ladder mark 1
Laddwe Mark 2



the Beacon

for Gavin Wilson's touring Fireworks exhibition









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