This comment (like a footnote) by Celia Winter-Irving published in the Harare Herald in Zimbabwe in April 2007 is a recollection of my performance with the survival boat on the St Leonards railway yard tracks back in Perspecta 1985. It was interesting to observe that a work created 32 years previously could still resonate years later.

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Celia Winter-Irving   zimbabwe  footnote  2007


Zimbabwe: Performances Help Bring Various Art Forms Together

10 April 2007

The Herald (Harare)


By Celia Winter-Irving

Harare — ON a cold wet day when winds could blow off roof tops, a man rowed a boat upstream along a deserted railway line, bracing himself against the elements and the passage of time putting muscle, brawn, heart and soul to test rowing the boat six inches along the line, the ripple of each muscle filmed by a television crew.

This was a scenario of tension conflict, drama, on the edge, cliff hanging -- this man, Arthur Wicks, twixt the lonely line and the sky.



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