This item is the entry to the Satellite events to the Sydney Biennale 1992, directed by Tony Bond.

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sydney biennale 1992


Satellite Venues

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Macquarie Lighthouse, Watson's Bay
Vigilance—Brad Buckley 15th December 1992—14th March 1993
The Performance Space 199 Cleveland St, Redfern tel (02) 319 5091

Wiyana/Perisferia (Periphery)

Coordinated by Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative Curated by Hetti Perkins
7th January—31st January 1993
Tuesday—Sunday 12.00—8.00 pm
Bronwyn Bancroft, Liliana Correa, Brenda L Croft, Fiona Foley, Eliana Madrid,
Gonzalo Mella, Diogenes Farri, Mauricio Novoa, Judy Watson, Harry Wedge
This exhibition was assisted by the Australia Council, the Federal Government's arts funding and advisory body. Boomalli
Aboriginal Artists Co-operative and The Performance Space are assisted by the Australia Council, the Federal Government's arts funding and advisory body and the New South Wales Government through the Ministry for the Arts.syd bien 92
The Trilogy — Arthur Wicks
(also at The Performance Space)
11th, 12th, 13th and the 18th, 19th, 20th December 1992 Friday—Sunday 7.00pm
Bookings available through The Performance Space

Sherman Galleries

Hargrave St Paddington tel (02) 360 5566
Modern Makonde Sculpture
2nd—19th December 1992
16—18 Goodhope St Paddington tel (02) 331 1112
In the Waiting Room of Ideology—Bernard Sachs
8th—22nd December 1992
Wollongong City Gallery
Wish Hard
Curated by Jo Holder
1 Ith December 1992—31st January 1993
Simon Blau, Peter Cooley, Debra Dawes, Mikala Dwyer, Geoff Kleem, Carole Roberts, Toni Warburton, Jelle van den Berg

syd bien 92
Arthur Wicks
Scene from The Trilogy
The beginning of the dialogue between the two generals in the battlefield Photo Julie Pryor
syd bien 92
Arthur Wicks
Scene from The Trilogy
The Solstice Observatory and the Solstice Voyeur near the close escape of the Solstice Voyeur
Arthur Wicks
The Trilogy
The Trilogy consists of three parts: The Escape of the Solstice Voyeur, The Battlefield and Auto da Fe. Each section is constructed as a cartoon sequence of events and images, which reflect and at times distort events and thinking from the twentieth century. The 'hero', the Solstice Voyeur is like an 'everyman', unwittingly and unwillingly caught in a web of misunderstandings, communication breakdowns, absurd accusations and denials, information and media overload. The Solstice Voyeur becomes like anyone who projects outwards their hopes and fears as we approach the end of the second millenium, and is caught looking at their own image 'through a glass darkly'. We become witnesses to the events, as fragments of our knowledge and memories fly past us in a sense-defying dance. But we can make sense of it. WE MUST!!
The Trilogy is basically performance theatre using a variety of image projections (video, slides, film) and sound as a multi-media event, with a group of performance artists who work intuitively within such a framework.
The Trilogy is a work by Arthur Wicks, a multi-media artist whose works have been exhibited publicly since 1967 both within Australia and overseas. During 1990 he was assisted by an Australia Council Fellowship, culminating in the Art Gallery of NSW exhibition, Machina:Persona in February/March 1991.
Arthur Wicks
Arthur Wicks—born 1937. Lives Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Selected Individual Exhibitions

1992: Last Work Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery. 1991: Machina:Persona Art Gallery of NSW; Armoured Car Australian National Gallery, Canberra. 1990: Peace Car ThroughEurope Hoorn, The Netherlands and subsequent tour; syd bien 92The Battlefield Assembly Hall ofthe Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra. 1988: Project Show—Transformer
Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery and subsequent tour.

Selected Group Exhibitions

1990: Biennale of Sydney; Australian Sculpture Triennial, Melbourne, Sculpture in City Spaces. 1989: The Quarry: An Archaeology, Mt Gambier. 1987: ARX 87, Perth; Escape of the Solstice Voyeur, National Performance Event, Adelaide.





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