These spaces are dedicated to the performance works of Arthur Wicks from 1972 to the present

Please note that more detailed images of the various performance works will be posted at a later date

"Systems Feedback"
a pre-emptive excursion into the arena of information overload & globalism,
1972 to 1976.

"Sand Memories"
First work performed on the south coast of New South Wales, at Durras beach; 1976.
Second work performed at the Broome St & West Broadway intersection, New York City, 1977.
Performed & installed intermittently till 1979.
Video available.

"Measuring Stick"
First performed as a video work on Durras Beach, betwen low & high tide, & then re-enacted at Glenelg, Adelaide, 1980.
Video available.

"Against the Tide"
An interior performance using "Measuring Stick" as its benchmark, 1980 and 1981.
Video available.

"Journey from Low Tide to High Tide"
Performed on Durras Beach as a video work for Pierre Restany, later shown at the Pompidou Centre "Equinox 80", Paris; winter equinox 1980.
Video available.

San Andreas series
Series of performances/ installations along the San Andreas faultline from Salton Sea (south) to Reyes Point (north), California, 1981.

the Boatman series
First performance at the First Sculpture Triennial Melbourne, 1981.
Video available.

Solstice Voyeur series
Initial work 1981, to witness & record the Winter Solstice from the rooftop of the Art Gallery of New South Wales. This did not take place at that time, but later performances were enacted on the roof of art institutions in Hamburg, Berlin, Auckland, & later at the AGNSW (2002); 1981 to 2002.

"Sonnenwende - Sonnenweg"
Performed in Hamburg as part of the Performance Woche - a excursion into European tribalism
; repeated as a video work in the same space, 1983.
Video available.

"Waiting for Columbus"
Performed on the bank of the Tagus river at Almada, Portugal for Alternativa 3 performance festival, 1983.
Video available.

"Interview" series
First performed at the Technical University, Berlin, 1984. Repeated at Anzart, Auckland,1985. Repeated irregularly since then.

Machine Sculptures
Construction of human powered machines used in performance works.
First was the rowing boat; "Survival Boat for the 21st Century", used in performance for Perspecta 85, Sydney, and Sculpture 85, Melbourne in unexpected situations and conditions; 1985 & 1986.

Second, was the helicopter; "Solstice Voyeur's Observatory", 1987 to 1989.
Third, the Armoured Car used in "the Battlefield" (ADFA 1990) and "Peace Car through Europe" (1990), and in other performance works; 1990 to 1992
Fourth, the large wheeled rocking chair used in the performance "Free Fall: Slow Motion" (1994), Sydney and in Brisbane for the work "Degrees of Freedom: Friction" (Volt, 1996).

Theatrical Performances
"the Escape of the Solstice Voyeur", 1987 to 1992.
"the Battlefield" at Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Assembly Hall, 1990; a war game, pre-dating the First Gulf War by 6 months.
Comment from a member of the audience 10 years later; "many performance works I've long forgotten, but this one I can vividly recall ".
Video available for the ADFA work.
"the Interval" and "Auto da Fe", in combination with the previous 2 theatrical works presented as the Trilogy at The Performance Space, Sydney, as a contribution to the Sydney Biennale, 1992.

Virtual Performances
"On War and Peace: a Virtual Encounter", developed as an interactive website for the Canberra National Sculpture Forum; 1995
"Spoken under Duress", for this same Sculpture Forum at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, 1995; a performance work that linked this interactive site projected with live performance.

the Humanoids
First developed in 1997 as a series of casts based on the artist's body and later developed as surrogate performers in the developing motorised and interactive sculptural machines.
Further developed as remote-controlled humanoids, used in the work “Degrees of Freedom: Escape Velocity” (Volt, Brisbane, 1998).

the Interactive and Motorised Sculptures
Included here in the performance gallery, as they have developed into fully articulated replicates, as a substitute for the physical presence of the human performer.
"Two Antipodeans Marking out their Territory", (1992/2002) is a pre-cursor.

"the Boatman's Unscheduled Crossing" (2002 -2008),
"Surface Tension", 2004,
"the Artist Trapped in Artaud's Cage", 2002 to 2007,
"Free Fall: Slow Motion 2", 2008
more details and images from this section at a later time.