Machine Sculptures

Construction of human powered machines used in performance works.

First was the rowing boat; "Survival Boat for the 21st Century", used in performance for Perspecta 85, Sydney, and Sculpture 85, Melbourne in unexpected situations and conditions; 1985 & 1986.

Second, was the helicopter; "Solstice Voyeur's Observatory", 1987 to 1989.
Third, the Armoured Car used in "the Battlefield" (ADFA 1990) and "Peace Car through Europe" (1990), and in other performance works; 1990 to 1992
Fourth, the large wheeled rocking chair used in the performance "Free Fall: Slow Motion" (1994), Sydney and in Brisbane for the work "Degrees of Freedom: Friction" (Volt, 1996).

the Interactive and Motorised Sculptures

First; was "Two Antipodeans Marking out their Territory", (1992/2002) is a pre-cursor.
Second; "the Boatman's Unscheduled Crossing" (2002 -2008),
Third; "Surface Tension", 2004,
Fourth; "the Artist Trapped in Artaud's Cage", 2002 to 2007,
Fifth; "Free Fall: Slow Motion 2", 2008