Entrance of the Virtual Gallery Wing devoted toPainted Sculptural Works. Here you will find information relating to works that are both shaped and coloured; usually painted. 
Most of these are constructed works and veer towards being as much sculptural as simply 2 dimensional paintings.
They were made in the period from the late 1960s to the present.
The commentaries below provide more detailed information about each of the works and the processes used in their making.
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Early Painted Shaped Works



Title: Thrust
medium: acrylic on canvas, stretched and shaped over wooden structure
102 x 102 x 41 cm
These are also listed and described in the Virtual Gallery Wing devoted to Abstract Paintings & Shaped Canvases.  



Title: Hinge

medium: acrylic on canvas, shaped over wooden structure
152 x 76 x 20 cm





Title: Emmanuel

medium: synthetic latex paint on board
693 x 269 x 269 cm

The wooden work decayed and was destroyed many years ago.
The original idea now exists as a small maquette complete with a figure to provide the original sense of scale.





Title: Fly Away Jack

medium: acrylic on canvas
850 x 484 cm





Title: Vortex

medium: acrylic on canvas, stretched over wooden structure
91 x 71 x 66 cm





Title: Slant

medium: acrylic on canvas, shaped over wooden structure
249 x 135 x 36 cm


Solstice Altarpiece and
the Secret Landing Place



Title: Secret Landing Strip

Materials: wood, oil paint on canvas and glued canvas sections, light bulb and shade.

Dimensions: 130 x 106 x 62cm
Total height (with legs): 213cm


Wagga Wagga Art Gallery(Solostice Altarpiece), 1986
The Performance Space, Cleverland St, Sydney, 1986
Sydney Biennale 1990
WWAG 2020 (the Solstice Altarpiece).

For the 1990 Sydney Biennale the two sections, viz the Secret Landing Place and the Solstice Altarpiece were installed one and a half metres apart facing one another. In the intervening space a large bulb and lampshade was suspended. The bulb gradually increased from zero to maximum luminance over a period of several minutes and then dimmed to back to zero luminence again. This pulse was repeated indefinitely or until the power was switched off.





Extract from David Hansen's essay accompanying the Sydney Biennale exhibit.

Arthur Wicks lives in the country city of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, and his sculptural assemblages are clearly "from the sticks".

In Secret Landing Strip (1988), the dancing verticals are ringbarked trees, or the animal bones found in the paddocks, while its painted backdrop and table top suggests the shadows of the bush, eroding stock tracks, river systems. 

Wicks' thin, rickety constructions of uncoordinated found objects can even stand (shakily) as metaphors for the predicaments of rural Australia, for the fragile ecology of a greatly distubed environment, for the precarious economics of primary production.


David Hansen, 1989

"Art is Easy" Catalogue of the 8th Sydney Biennale1990.

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John McDonald's response to this work in the Sydney Biennale:

Arthur Wicks has also been unusually subtle. Spend a few minutes in front of his two installations and you will notice the light beginning to change. This must be a reference to his interest in the solstice which, apart from cosmological aspects, the dictionary defines as "a turning point."

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Title: Solstice Altarpiece

Materials: wood, oil paint on canvas and glued canvas sections, light bulb and shade. Basically mixed media.

Dimensions: 230 x 160 x 100 cm
Total height (with legs): 231cm

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Other Shapes Objects and Surfaces









Title:  Relic from the Observatory (Hamburg),
Tent Skin and Pole Star (note page)

oil, clay on linen
Dimensions: 155 x 134 cm


Collection: Warrnambool Regional Art Gallery








Title:  Rainbow Relic

oil, clay, compass on linen
Dimensions: 106 x 81 cm






















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