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First shown at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in the exhibition Arthur Wicks "Machina:Persona" 1994.

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2  antipodeans  marking  out  their  territory

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Bo-Peep and Friends visiting Melbourne

maquette for work to be installed in Flinders St station, 1990


Australian Sculpture Triennial, Melbourne, Sculpture in City Spaces, 1990
Full work not commissioned; maquette exhibited with other maquettes & works in the Meat Market space, Melbourne 1990.



2 Antipodeans Markng out their Territory
at the temporary solo exhibition
Machina: Persona at the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, Australia,  1991



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This work "2 Antipodeans Marking out their Territory",
270 x 250 x1200cm

Materials: laminated wood, steel, proxiimity sensors, PLC micro computer, wiper motor




one of 4 machine sculptures in:
Machina: Persona 1991
exhibited at the Art Gallery of NSW Sydney Australia.
For more details and images of that exhibition, click HERE.

Early state of development. Had yet to learn the lesson: test a mechanical work in the studio, in private, for 6 months (minimum) to iron out the bugs.
Comment overheard by Edmund Capon (director AGNSW in 1992) to tech assistants; "Wicks is off the rails again."

The use of bicycle chain and bicycle cogs as the drive mechanism meant that the pods had no clutch to prevent them from over run when the proximity sensors were slow to react.
This was solved later by using heavy duty O rings which tended to slip in such situations.












2 Antipodeans Marking out their Territory
a finalists in the Lempriere Sculpture Prize & Exhibition
Werribee Park, Melbourne, Australia, 2002
work highly commended


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Photographer: Ian Hobbs










The following 4 images from the work shown in the Lempriere Sculpture Exhibition, 2002.
Work highly commended.








Next 5 images photos taken by Ian Hobbs on empty building block behind studio, Wagga Wagga, 1991.






















270 x 250 x1200cm

Materials: steel, aluminium, Programmable Logical Controller (PLC), promimity sensors, truck windscreen-wiper motors, bicycle chains, "C" track with captured trolley wheels.

A reworked version exhibited at Werribee Park for the Lempriere Sculpture Prize & Exhibition, 2002 (awarded honourable mention) Solidly re-worked; using 24v Programmable Logical Controller (PLC), track with locking system. No chance of the objects coming off the rails; the only problem being the loss of power along the track needed by the motors driving the pods.










An opportunity missed.


The Junee Railway Yard. A functioning turntable; proposed site to install the "2 Antipodeans .." for Unsound 2006. Issues prevented its installation but the idea is still on the table as it were.
An event for the future.








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